Ecosistemas Diana offers viable alternatives to the owners, who want to restore their forests into disuse for economic profitability and at the same time restore the environment and a balance of ecosystems both the flora and fauna through the biodiversity recovery projects, complemented with environmental initiatives: tourism, educational, cultural, sporting and social.


In addition to ecosystem recovery, we would like to show the natural and cultural lost wealth of the places where we work and provide quality service in its transformation.


Ecosistemas Diana is a flexible company that adapts to different budgets but always offers personalized and quality service.



European Bison. Find out more about this fascinating animal, his history and how wisent help to the forest restoration and recovery of biodiversity.

Basic guide for restoration of the Iberian ecosystems with the aid of the European bison.

Teaching our children to care for the environment may make a difference in the world they live in as adults. Competition, fun games, legends and more.

Photo: I Shpilenok

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