FOR YOUR FAMILY

           AND YOUR FRIENDS   


1. What is the largest animal in Europe?
a) bear, b) elk, c) bison, d) elephant, e) wolf.


2. How much do bison weigh?                                                                           a) as a small car, b) as a small house, c) as the two elephants,                   d) as the 40 boys, e) as I am.


3. What color is the bison’s fur?
a) white, b) brown, c) gray, d) pink, e) the bison have no fur.


4. What do bison eat?                                                                                         a) potatoes, b) ice cream, c) grass and branches, d) runs into hibernation and not eating, e) meat.


5. What color is a European Bison tongue?a) pink, b) white, c) blue,        d) green, because bison eats grass, e) red.



6. What is the average life span of a bison?

a) as a person, b) as an elk, c) like a hummingbird, d) like a whale,            e) as a wolf.



 7. What character have a bison?

a) he is an evil, b) will eat you, c) calm, d) wants to be stroked,                 e) it depends of the weather.                                        


                                        1.- c; Can grow to 2 meters.

                                                              2.- d; Between 400 and 900 kilos.

                                                              3.- b; 4. - c;

                                                              5.- c;

                                                              6.- b; In captivity live up to 30 years.

                                                              7.- c.



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